Ing. Miroslava Dulova – offers the following services:


simultaneous and consecutive


standard or express

Proof reading a native speaker.

Consulting and know-how the area of interpreting and translating.

Organisation of teams

...of translators and interpreters. languages: English, German, Czech and Slovak.

About Miroslava Dulova

Ing. Miroslava Dulova provides services - simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and translation into and from foreign languages - English, German, French and Czech. Proofreading by a native speaker upon request. Organizing of interpretation teams. Language consulting.

Ing. Miroslava Dulova provides interpretation and translation services since1968. She gained experience during long-term stays in foreign countries (EXPO, Vancouver, and Prague and Bratislava Exhibition in Montreal, Canada, Moscow exhibition) as well as during visits to many other countries with official delegations of the Slovak Republic.

Ing. Miroslava Dulova is member of the élite Union of Interpreters of Austria Universitas and presented in the official Translator’s List of the European Union.



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  • Athos
  • Magazine TOP 104/2012 cover page
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  • New Year's Greeting
  • New Year's Greeting


"Nove Mesto Treasures 2017”
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"Mobility and parking”
Magazine Urbanita, 2018, photo: Miroslava Dulová
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„Parking and hiking in High Tatras”
2018, photo: Miroslava Dulová
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"She talks and remains silent"
An interview for the Plus 7 dní weekly magazine, 29/2018, Author: Peter Kubinyi
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"Attractive ski resorts in brief"
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"Invisible, yet irreplacable"
Article in the Zurnal Magazine 12/2007
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"To Miroslava Dulova, who made me sound coherent"
Thanks from Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief of the Forbes Magazine, 7/2003
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"Nobody Can Take What's in Your Head"
An interview for Pravda daily newspaper, 22nd of May 2003, Author: Jana Hyzová, Photo: D. Dudasova
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"The one and only Slovak Op-Art"
Article in the PLAYBOY Magazine, 1/2003
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"I had to Smack an Astronaut"
An interview in the Emma weekly magazine, Author: Peter Kubinyi, Photo: Alan Hyza, 3/2001
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"Guardians of Accuracy"
An article about interpreters in Slovakia in the DUEL Magazine June 1999, Author: Marek Vadas, Photo: Miro Nota
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"A Typical Lion"
An interview with Dipl. Eng. Miroslava Dulova in the weekly magazine Život 36/97, Author: Daniela Bartosova, Photo: D. Dudasova
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"Insights into the Society"
A short article in the Slovenka magazine, May 1996, Author: Z. Krutka, M. Krpelanova, M. Pokorna a I. Teluch, Photo: I. Teluch
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"The Woman Behind Your Back"
An interview for the Plus 7 dní weekly magazine, 2/2006, Author: Peter Kubinyi, Photo: Alan Hyza, Andrej Chalupka
Cover,1. part, 2. part, Repeated cover publication 27/2015


Ing. Miroslava Dulova
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Interpretation and translation services in English, German, Czech and Slovak languages and proofreading.
Consulting and interpretation and translation know-how.
Entrepreneurial, organizational and economic consulting.

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